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Awakening the Subtle Sexual Body Intensive and Facilitators Training

September 12, 2014 - September 17, 2014


Awakening the Subtle Sexual Body Intensive and Facilitator’s Training

with Shakti Malan and Aaron Swanson

Northamptonshire, England
12 – 17 September 2014


 What is the Subtle Sexual Body?

If you are reading this invitation, you are probably one of the rare people on the planet who are questioning what sex really is. You have come, in your own time, to the understanding that sex as presented by pornography, billboards and Hollywood is not the real thing. You have a strong knowing that sex is in fact a profound gateway to your Real Self – that which is beyond your limited perception of who you are.


The Subtle Sexual Body is what opens in us when we take sex to the next level of consciousness, and the next level of awareness. Subtle body sexuality is not inspired by the thoughts that come from our conditioned mind. It comes from holding a space of vast clarity, stillness and presence – the true masculine. When this clarity penetrates into our sexuality, we enter into the mystery of the Subtle Sexual Body. We awaken to that which is beyond the body of excitement and titilation. We fall into the Body of Bliss. We experience sensation, love and awareness on exquisitely fine levels. From being based purely in the genitals, sexual energy now starts to awaken our entire body. From there, our sexual energy moves into the various levels of our energetic body. Ultimately, we experience a union with the Beloved in all of life.


In summary, this retreat is an opportunity to get deeply immersed in the Real of Sex – without having to engage in what the culture calls “sex” at all.


An Intensive

This 5-day intensive gives you the opportunity to have a profound breakthrough in your relationship with your sexuality; not only to take it to the next level, but also to ground this realization in the texture of your living.


In this intensive you will:

  • practice deepening your consciousness and bringing that to your sexuality
  • empty out old ideas and old forms of sexuality that no longer reflect who you now are
  • have an opportunity to find a powerful yes to being totally alive and embodied in your sexuality
  • learn how to access and activate subtle body sexuality
  • opening up specific points in our subtle body that allow for the flow of sexual energy
  • learn how to direct sexual energy through your subtle body
  • discover how to cultivate subtle body sexuality in a sexual relationship



  • The learning on this intensive will happen through
  • subtle movement, sounding and breath work practice
  • guided meditations, contemplation and visualization
  • working with the elements and finding them in your body
  • warm water movement and breath work
  • subtle body energy work
  • group sharing and reflection on everything you bring to the intensive
  • expert tracking and facilitation of your personal process by Shakti and Aaron
  • BlissDance, a movement practice designed by Shakti to open the body into states of deep intimacy


All methods used during this retreat do not require nakedness and are deeply respectful of your personal and relational boundaries. The Intensive is as suitable to individuals as it is to couples or people in sexual partnership.


Facilitator’s Training

In this retreat, Shakti and Aaron give participants a rare opportunity to learn how to facilitate Subtle Sexual Body Awakening for others. Participants in previous facilitation trainings Shakti has done across the world have found this aspect of the retreat to be extremely helpful both in their personal relationships and professional careers. If your interest in the retreat is purely for your own evolution, you will find this training to be very helpful in your relationships. Aaron and Shakti have been practicing the skills taught here for years in an ever-deepening sexual relationship. If you have a professional interest in this training, you will find that the training powerfully augments the skills you already have.


In the facilitator’s training, you will learn:

  • Subtle body facilitation skills: deep listening and attunement on level of sensation, heart and consciousness
  • How to identify and speak what you perceive on these levels
  • How to become aware of your own and another’s subtle body, including the aura, by using your senses
  • How to work with boundaries and deepening intimacy on the level of the subtle body
  • How to support clients in clearing blocks to the flow of subtle sexual energy
  • How to enter into the client’s personal narratives about their sexuality and create space for real transformation.


About Shakti Malan and Aaron Swanson

Shakti Malan (Ph.D.) is South African born and has an extensive international practice as facilitator of conscious sexuality. She is author of Sexual Awakening for Women and does extensive work with women on the awakening of the unique qualities of feminine sexual essence. Aaron Swanson has a business in California, and has dedicated his life to the quest for awakening and the cultivation of the masculine principle of consciousness.

What some of the previous retreat participants have had to say about the retreat:

“I arrived afraid to love deeply and I am leaving with the ability to be the real ‘Lover’ – able to also make love to all the things that frighten me. And in doing so, transform the alchemy of my heart.” – Valentina.

“The retreat has met my expectation and even gone beyond. I have been taken to places within myself I didn’t even know existed – uncomfortable, painful and exhilarating. I got so much clarity about where I am finding myself right now…. The gentle, open, loving way with which you engaged with me my issues and whatever came out was so reassuring. I felt accepted just as I am” – Phuthi

“Shakti, I am blown away! You have revealed to me a profound new understanding of the feminine and masculine and how I can be more deeply connected to these aspects of myself. I feel very touched by the way you held the space. It feels incredibly safe, compassionate, healing and transformative. I feel like a new man” – Karl.


Cost and booking:

£550 facilitation fee, excluding food and accommodation.


Twin en-suite £580
Tripple en-suite £545
Twin shared bathroom £545
Tripple shared bathroom £510
Dormitory shared bathroom £480
Camping £430


For more information or bookings, contact Meera: eliza.metere@gmail.com



September 12, 2014
September 17, 2014
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