“But love does not move unpredictably. It follows precise laws. Those laws are of a higher order than your current awareness reaches on planet earth. That is why you need our help. ”

Reclaim Your Virginity

By Shakti Malan | October 6, 2016

Would you love to reclaim your virginity?

In this article, I’d like to explore with you what the essence of the sexually virginal state is – and how we can reconnect with our original sexual innocence.


Who Shaped Your Sexual Self-Image?

By Shakti Malan | October 4, 2016

Sally grew up in rural England amongst people who appear from the outside to be excessively polite. This in contrast to the story Sally shares with me: Since she was a young girl, she was molested by her grandfather who was a primary carer in her life. Her grandfather in turn was molested by his father, who was molested by his father… and so the pattern goes back for generations. What each victim of sexual abuse had in common was that they were sworn to silence. All that happened was never spoken about – and silently passed on to the next generation.


How to be a Skydancer

By Shakti Malan | September 29, 2016

In the Tibetan Tantric tradition, a woman whose sexual energy is awake is called a Dakini – which, literally translated, means Skydancer. While traditionally the Dakini is worshipped as a deity, it is understood that the essence of the Dakini lives in every woman. She is activated through a process of spiritual realization, or returning to the discovery of her true nature.


Principles of Female Sexuality

By Shakti Malan | September 26, 2016

I have created a short video about the principles of female sexuality. The sexual anatomy of men and women points to a significant difference in the mystical principles underlying our sexuality. If a woman approaches lovemaking like a man, she will never be fulfilled. And yet, most women were initiated into sexual experience by male sexual partners.


Why Feminine Appearance is Pure Trickery

By Shakti Malan | September 14, 2016

It seems there comes a time in the lives of so many women when we realize we have lived more in our masculine than in our feminine. Unfortunately, many pin this realization on to appearance and put themselves through a torturous process of attempting to look more feminine. This is the point where women often come to me with the desire to learn how to be feminine – as if feminine essence is another skill we could master. Or women aggressively set forth on a mission to appear more feminine by changing their dress style, their body shape (with diet or surgery), their shoes and handbags, and even their tone of voice. In this way, we play into a trickery that will do everything BUT put us in touch with our feminine essence. In this article, I’d like to explain why.


Clearing Ancestral Fear

By Shakti Malan | September 8, 2016

Clearing Ancestral Fear Clean out your lineage of fear Since my last article about fear, life has afforded me a large dose of new learning on the topic which I’d like to share with you here.   Tuning into the ancestral field of fear As I said in my last article, most of us are…


Tingling up the Central Channel

By Shakti Malan | August 24, 2016

Tingling up the Central Channel Viijnana Bhairava Tantra 44th Sutra In some moment when The senses rest from flowing outward, Notice the current of sensing As it starts flowing upward. Be alert to sensations, Tinier than that of an ant walking on the skin, Subtly tickling, as the undulating energy leisurely Tingles up the central…


Run Towards Your Fear

By Shakti Malan | August 15, 2016

In the last couple of months, through closely observing myself, I have come to see how much of my life – reflecting human life – is controlled by unacknowledged fear. I have come to believe that a very large percentage of our actions are motivated by this fear. The occasion that initiated this insight for me was one that most people would regard as unmistakably fear-inducing. I had received news that cancer had increased in my bones and I had been sent to get a CT scan to check whether the cancer had spread to my organs. In the few days before I got the CT scan results, my inner life became dominated with intense survival fear: What if the scans showed that my body was riddled with cancer? Have I come to the end of my life?


Celebrating Post-Patriarchal, Post-Feminist and Post-Goddess Woman

By Shakti Malan | August 15, 2016

The appearance of Woman’s Day has me reflecting,

Post-Patriarchal Woman

At this moment in history, we find ourselves as a species steadily leaving the familiar harbor of Patriarchy which we all – men and women alike – created through our agreement. However much we may want to put Patriarchy in the Bad Box, the last 5 000 years of patriarchal paradigm has brought enormous evolutionary leaps to human consciousness. Simply looking at advances in science and internet technology makes this obvious. And yet, it is also clear that Patriarchy has served its purpose.


There are Mermaids in Africa

By Shakti Malan | August 15, 2016

In popular media, mermaids are depicted as Barbie-like Disney characters that evoke in us a whimsical imagination of a certain quality of the feminine. I want to tell you today about the Mermaids of Africa – and invite your imagination to go to entirely new places.

Mermaids are well known in African culture – more than known, they are revered, and feared. In Southern Africa, they are called the Mondao. The Mondao is a water spirit in the shape of a snake that lives in water bodies. This shake has tremendous power, and she is said to be in charge of money and abundance. Years ago, I visited rural Zimbabwe where the villagers would not dare take any water from the local river before praying to the water spirit. In the tradition of African Shamanism, the Mondao is one of the non-familiar ancestral spirits that Sangomas (African shamans) may need to learn to work with. I was in a room once with a woman who had the calling to work with the Mondao but hadn’t been initiated into it. When the Mondao came and possessed her, her body was being flung around with a force so intense that it took four of us to hold her down.